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Texas, USA, June 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jerome Karam has earned  fame and fame as a successful real estate developer in Southwestern Louisiana and Texas. Last year, the Board of Trustees from the College of  Mainland approved the leasing process of a new educational facility in  League City. They gave Jerome Karam the whole responsibility of financing and reconstructing this facility through which students who enrolled in credit programs can attain accessible education

Why Boards Selected Jerome?
The reason for picking Karam this project is his excellent track record,  where he put them into life-old buildings and turned them into the world’s famous locations. A few of his masterpieces are World Gym in Texas City- known as largest gym facility in Texas; Altitude Trampoline park- recognized as the Nation’s largest Trampoline park; Plaza Royals – famous for making executive-level deals; Karam’s Loft – recognized as the comfortable spot with a supreme level of comfort. He is a visionary real-estate developer who knows how to turn a useless old building into a meaningful place. He is known all over Texas due to his excellent reconstruction and repurposing skills. So, when school boards needed something useful for their students, they didn’t think twice and assigned this role to Jerome Karam Friendswood.

An Educational Project Based on Lease
The fund of New League City’s educational center will be generated through the lease. Once the project is completed, students will enroll, and the college will pay back the lease through all the fees generated from the students. The Boards of Trustees from the College of Mainland agreed that they wouldn’t  use bond money or tax to finance this project. Tuition money and college  fees will be enough to deal with the overall cost of this educational facility’s reconstruction.

A Strategically-Located Educational Place for Students People from League City are quite excited about this new educational project from the College of the Mainland. It’s because more than 41 students of League City come to this college for educational purposes; about 60 percent of them enrolled themselves into credit classes. Now, if they get a chance to study general education at League City, they can easily avoid travel and hostel costs. Students can stay at their home and continue walking on the wrong of their career path without bothering to travel. So, this new education is situated in the strategically best location that is well suited for their students.

Reconstruction of League City’s United Church
Jerome Karam Friendswood is working on a project covering 27,570 square-foot lands formerly used as the League City United Methodist Church. This real-estate developer knows how to repurpose the same facility for another purpose, and he is quite good at this job. His expertise in the reconstructions makes him quite accessible in Texas City and the surrounding areas. He is quite excited about this new facility as it offers a convenient education option for the students of League City and those who are residing along interstate 45.

Building the Bright Future
Jerome Karam Friendswood and his team are working dedicatedly on this new college project, which has an opening date in late 2020. The reason for showing this much passion and dedication by Jerome and his folks is that this is not just a building where tons of students will get a quality education. Still, it is going to be a center where students can step toward their bright future. Their joined efforts towards the reconstruction of the facility will reap the best fruits when students of this facility become independent in their future. Every student who will learn some professional skills from this college facility will pay back to society sooner or later, and that matters the most.